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ASIT has been operating since the early 1990s providing technology services. In the early years of the Internet, we were ‘Strategy Consultants’ showing businesses how to use the Internet to engage with the world and prosper. As things changed to an integrated world, our offerings have changed. It has been an interesting journey.
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Digital Strategy

Looking to grow your company's revenue? Discover how partnering can drive tangible business impact. Your solution will be designed for your needs and goals.

Quality Services

We can help you define your products, mission and business model, find and engage with potential customers, close sales and streamline your operations, leading to owning a business you could eventually sell.

Trusted Business Partner

For decades we have worked with businesses, understood their needs and designed solutions that made them more efficient and helped them grow.

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The market is vast and ready to engage with what you offer. Make yourself available and they will reach out to you.
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You may think ‘all I need is more customers’ but there are a few other steps to get there…

‘More Customers’ takes you part of the way, but this challenges your business to be more efficient. Your operations and administrations must keep up or you will burn your new and old customers.

You will need to work ‘on’ your business if you have development and growth in mind. We can help with that. We can come up with creative ideas and solutions to let you see new opportunities.

We work with you using proven marketing techniques that are known to get results. Some projects bring new clients within 72 hours. Some projects only need one new client a month to justify the marketing. Your situation will be unique.

We live in a ‘wired world’ and if your business is not plugged in correctly then it will struggle when it starts to grow. We apply a system to identify opportunities and formulate a plan to get you there within a budget you can live with.

These techniques have been successful with a wide range of businesses and service providers such as lawyers, dentists, medical, estate agents, photographers, mortgage brokers and household services.

If businesses like these can win with these techniques, so will you.

After we bring you new customers your operation needs to handle the increased load. We can help…

  • Automate the marketing and sales effort to make it efficient
  • Optimize your website for maximum engagement
  • Develop systems to automate and simplify your business
  • Build online engagement to support your brand

If you are not doing these things now, you are working harder than you need!


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