Company Overview

ASIT has been operating since the early 1990s providing technology services.

In the early years of the Internet, we acted as ‘Strategy Consultants’ helping businesses to position their online presence to engage with the world. As things changed,  our offerings changed with each phase. It has been an interesting journey.

We have been actively involved in helping companies transition into, and keep up with, the demanding changes of the digital age. As we are not affiliated with any particular product or service, we are in the position of being able to provide impartial advice to our clients.

Our client base is international and ranges from small start-ups to large companies that have been operating for many decades. Our consulting services range from providing practical solutions for technical issues to process optimisation and ‘brains trust mentoring’. The vision is always on getting your business to be efficient in the ever changing landscape.

We become part of your team effort and help you and your company achieve the outcomes you are looking for. We select our clientele carefully because we believe that a good relationship leads to excellent long-term results.

Founder & CEO

Geoff Russell

Geoff Russell began his career as a Corporate Lawyer serving as the legal counsel to a large international company but the lure of technology and entrepreneurial opportunities drew him away. Geoff has been helping companies and individuals transition and adapt to the digital age since the mid-80s.

Geoff is a compelling public speaker and comfortable with any size audience. His agreeable nature and creativity make him ideal for blue sky development as he is able to draw out the concerns or insights of teams and assimilate them into a cohesive plan.

Geoff is an active member of Mensa and has initiated a number of projects to foster intelligence. He is also an active member of running groups and runs marathons and ultra-marathons but mostly this is for stimulating conversations over coffee after the run. Geoff is an author and is continually working on a book ‘How to Be a Genius without Really Trying’.


In a smarter world everyone wins.  We must foster intelligence in everyone if we are to change the world.


If you learn to understand yourself you can manage technology to your advantage and improve your outcomes. This changes your future.

Managing Director

Diane Spencer-Scarr

Diane was initially drawn to the graphical interface of technology but soon became interested in understanding search algorithms. This led to her degrees in Internet Studies where her work led to post-graduate research. Diane completed her doctorate with a thesis on why digital engagement leads to improved productivity in only some individuals.

Diane is a proficient public speaker and comfortable addressing any size audience. She is currently researching and writing on the way technology affects us all. For recreation Diane paints, sculpts and enjoys playing and composing music. Diane is a published academic writer with many other projects in the air.

Ask any questions

Grow and Experience Endless Possibilites

Where do you start to grow your business? Right now people are looking for what you have to offer. The sales cycles starts online and people need trust in the offerings. Did you know that:
Buyers Starting Online
Buyers Use Reviews

The simple answer is ‘more Customers’. But there are a few other steps to get there…

You will need to work ‘on’ your business if you have development and growth in mind. We can help with that. We can come up with creative ideas and solutions to let you see new opportunities.

We work with you using proven marketing techniques that are known to get results. Some projects bring new clients within 72 hours. Some projects only need one new client a month to justify the marketing. Your situation will be unique.

We live in a ‘wired world’ and if your business is not wired up correctly then it will struggle when it starts to grow. We apply a system to identify opportunities and formulate a plan to get you there within a budget you can live with.

These techniques have been successful with a wide range of businesses and service providers such as lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, estate agents, photographers, mortgage brokers and lawn services.

If businesses like these win with these techniques, so can you.

After we bring you new customers your operation needs to handle the increased stress. We can help…

  • Automate the marketing and sales effort to make it efficient
  • Optimize your website(s) for maximum engagement
  • Develop systems to automate and simplify your business
  • Build online engagement to support your brand

If you are not doing these things, you are working harder than you need!

Careers Guidelines

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